KAIRASU is a non-profit organization with a special focus on contributing to the sustainable development of society through the initiation of projects and initiatives that are aimed at promoting learning, community engagement and participation through integrated educational methods and tools. We strive to contribute to the active participation of women and youths in their communities in an effort to empower and engage them at local, national and international levels. Furthermore, we work to promote equity, equality, prevent discrimination wherever, promote understanding and interaction and enhance the active  participation of youths and women of migrant descents in every aspect of society.

  • A non-political and non-religious organization that works to bridge cultural, social and linguistic divides.
  • Create a meeting place for integration and interaction.  
  • Contribute to active community participation and engagement for women and young people with minority backgrounds.
  • Promote peace, coexistence, mutual respect and understanding between different people and cultures
  • Promote active dialogue among stakeholders across ethnicity, culture and generational divide

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We look forward to seeing you

On behalf of Kairasu, we have great pleasure to invite you to the official launching of our organisation. The launching will take place at Forandringshuset, Grønlandsleiret 41,Oslo, on Friday, 13.12.2019, starting from kl. 18.00 hours. Please see program for details.



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The official launching of our organisation

The official launching of our organisation

The official launching of our organisation